The Maya article interprets modern stylistic needs with the retro taste of the aged, the worn … as if it were old and soft jeans to wear on any occasion.
Softness is obtained thanks to the particular retanning and drumming that make the leather full, full-bodied and with a very fine natural grain pleasing to the eye. With the finishing based on waxes and anilines, applied on the grain and the subsequent treatment of very light abrasion, it is possible to obtain that characteristic worn look and the pleasant velvety touch that perfectly conforms to the lines of your sofa.

Below is a brief technical description of the product of a general nature. For further clarifications or details, request directly from the company

Technical data sheet
CharacteristicsArt. Maya
Thickness1,3 / 1,5 mm
Origin of raw materialExotic selected cowhide
Tanning Chrome
DyeingThrough dyed
Finishing Waxes and paraffins with nabouk effect